To help Win and Disciple 1 Million Souls for Jesus by 2028. image

To help Win and Disciple 1 Million Souls for Jesus by 2028.

To expand the gospel of Christ Jesus to cities and nations throughout all Latin America.

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We are fundraising to increase and expand our evangelism and discipleship for Latin America.

1. Cities For Christ (CFC) has been given approval to evangelize and disciple 355 high schools in Latin America. We need additional people and resources to complete this once in a lifetime opportunity. This is a massive move of God and favor for CFC, however we are in great need of many more Believers, staff, materials, and recruiting efforts to maintain this endeavor for many years to come.

2. CFC needs additional people and resources to expand our current "Boot Camp" program throughout Latin America. Many new believers want to participate but lack the monies to participate which burdens our efforts to reach the lost for Jesus. This is a 4 month accelerated "Evangelism Training Program" to prepare men and women who are passionate about winning souls for Christ. The program is designed to equip students to carry out effective evangelism along with a demonstration of Holy Spirit power to their communities.

3. We are finalizing our first season of "Reality TV called Mission Extreme" to air on major TV networks. However, we are still in need of monies, resources, and skilled people to complete the work before us.

4. CFC is also introducing dedicated discipleship materials and programs to immediately disciple new Believers and get them integrated into the body of Christ to fellowship, grow, and serve Jesus.